Student treats man hit by bus on way to nursing interview

Emma Tillet, 40, took charge when the bus she was travelling on hit a pedestrian
Emma Tillet, 40, took charge when the bus she was travelling on hit a pedestrian
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A brave college student came to the rescue of a man who had been hit by a bus – while on her way to an interview for a nursing course.

West Suffolk College student Emma Tillett, 40, from Red Lodge, was the only passenger on the bus as she travelled to an interview for an adult nursing course at the University of East Anglia.

Resourceful Emma took control of the situation, making the casualty comfortable, keeping his head still, calming down the driver and instructing passers-by to help direct traffic.

The unexpected emergency made Emma late to her interview, so a policeman who attended the scene insisted he went along to explain why she was late.

He told the admissions tutor that they had better give Emma a place on the course and that she had been ‘marvellous’.

“Everyone else had got off the bus and I was sitting at the front,” said Emma.

“A chap, who happened to be a radiographer at the hospital, stepped off the curb and the bus hit him.

“I got off the bus and kept him still and told him to lay back because he was a bit confused.

“The cars can’t have realised there was an accident because they kept trying to overtake and cut in front of the bus.

“I shouted at a couple of people nearby to help direct the traffic.

“By the time paramedics came along I had his name, age, and underlying illnesses so I gave them the information and they packaged him.

“In amongst this I was asking for them to help the driver of the bus because she was a bit shocked.”

The casualty was taken to hospital with a broken shoulder, broken ribs and cuts and bruises.

Emma said she arrived at the interview soaking wet and covered with blood.

“The lovely policeman and security chap from the hospital took me down to the interview to explain what had happened.

“I was wet and had the poor guy’s blood on my hands.

“All my smart interview clothes were wet and muddy.”

The university gave Emma a very low conditional offer for the place on the course.

Emma has recently received another offer of a place at Anglia Ruskin University.

Bridget Petherick, course director of Access to Health and Social Care at West Suffolk College, said: “Emma did tremendously well and we are all very proud of her.”