Streets left isolated by phone outage

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RESIDENTS of two streets in Lakenheath were left without phone or internet access for two weeks after a line was damaged.

A Forest Heath refuse truck damaged the phone line which serves four houses in Warren Close and 21 houses on Roughlands on May 18.

BT removed the damaged line the following day, however it was almost two weeks before a new, temporary line was installed restoring phone and internet services to residents.

Vi Barton, 92, of Roughlands said that the outage had left her feeling cut off and scared without the use of her emergency alarm if she fell.

The temporary arrangement restored phone and internet services last Wednesday and BT is seeking a permanent fix.

A spokesperson for BT said: “We would like to apologise to residents affected by the protracted nature of repairs in this instance.

“As a result of previous similar incidents that have affected services in the past at this location, we are working on an alternative and permanent solution which involves running the cables underground; although it will take rather longer to restore a permanent service, we strongly feel that it presents the best solution for residents in the long-term.”

Jane Nimmo, 50, of Roughlands, complained about the service she had received from BT who, she said, had told her at one point that the fault could take months to fix and requested that she stop phoning the helpline.

Residents said the outage had a detrimental effect on their businesses, student’s preparations for exams and left the elderly feeling vulnerable.