Stinky Kitten in Troston is helping schools and businesses get the most out of iPads

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Stinky Kitten owes a lot to a headteacher who gave primary school teacher Sue Rankin a computer and told her ‘Do something interesting’ .

It was the late 90s, the days of floppy discs and CD roms – and there was no educational computer programmes for the reception class Sue taught.

So she designed her own

“Tizzy’s Toybox is still one of the best selling educational games in the UK, We sold overe 55,000 copies,” said Sue from Troston.

Now Sue, Paul Hutchinson and Gary Atkinson, who together bring expertise in digital publishing and app creation, have founded a new specialist company, called Stinky Kitten which aims to help both schools and businesses get the most out of i-Pad technology.

Stinky Kitten offers both i-Pad training, and content creation. That can include creating interactive manuals, catalogues or books, using i-Pad for making company presentations.

Companies then save money on paper and print costs.

“It is opening people’s eyes to what is possible – iPads are the way forward,” Sue said.

Stinky Kitten has published two interactive eBooks, the first What Happened On the Way to School reached number six in the children’s books best seller list on Apple’s iBookstore.

Sue and Paul spent a week on a project in, South Africa, where they taught students how to use iPads to make movies, songs interactive books and documents which have been taken into the wider community to educate on issues such as the prevention of the spreafd of HIV.