Spooky proposal

Pumpkin proposal.''Adam gets down on one knee to reenact the marriage proposal to Becky.
Pumpkin proposal.''Adam gets down on one knee to reenact the marriage proposal to Becky.
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Hallowe’en took an unexpected turn for one woman – presented with a ring while lost in a maze surrounded by pumpkins and spooky characters.

Bec Dunn, 19, had travelled to Beck Row for a scary Hallowe’en experience with her family and boyfriend Adam Davies, 20.

Little did she know that Adam had carefully orchestrated a shocking proposal that saw her presented with a ring nestled inside a pumpkin.

Adam said: “Hallowe’en is a bit of an anniversary so I wanted to go for something along those lines.”

On October 31 the pair, leading Bec’s family, had made their way to the centre of the maze battling off the fearsome characters that leapt out at them at every turn.

In the middle they saw a woman confined to a cage emerge from the mist.

She reached out handing sugared treats to those who had made their way through.

As Bec approached, she was handed a pumpkin instead of a sweet and sent on her way.

At the exit of the maze the triumphant pair were met by Sally Bell, owner of The Pumpkin Patch and Maize Maze.

Adam said: “Sally told Bec the pumpkin was a special prize which entitled her to a ‘better prize’ which led to Sally taking the pumpkin lid off while I got down on one knee.”

Inside the pumpkin was an engagement ring.

Adam said: “She was just so in shock she could not really say anything.”

When Bec regained her voice she accepted Adam’s proposal and the pair enjoyed a glass of Champagne.

Adam said: “It was lovely. She said yes – it made me joyous beyond belief. Bec’s family, Sally and her team made it such a special night.”

The couple met while working together at the Plough, in Icklingham, and had one of their first dates on Hallowe’en.

Three-and-a-half years later Adam is a barman at The Chequers, in Eriswell, while Bec works as a chef at the Riverside Hotel when she is not studying at college.

Adam said has considered a Halloween themed wedding but thinks Bec will stop him.