Spin stroke – the next Olympic sport?

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INSPIRED by the Olympics, Ellie Martindale and Isabelle Copeland have created a swimming stroke which has been recognised by the Swimming Teachers’ Association.

The friends, both aged 13, live in different areas of Bury St Edmunds and attend different schools but they invented their spin stroke – a combination of back stroke and front crawl – while swimming together during the half-term break.

“They look like torpedoes through the water, but they look graceful, too,” said Isabelle’s mother, Catherine Henderson.

The STA has suggested the girls use their stroke as part of a freestyle race. It plans to publish their innovation in its monthly newsletter, which is emailed to all of its 7,000 members because it believes it ‘has a place within swimming lessons’.

“We were really excited, we didn’t expect it all,” said Ellie.