Specialist can help women to find own prince

Portrait of Raisa & family'Taken on 14 Nov 2009'At Bury St Edmunds
Portrait of Raisa & family'Taken on 14 Nov 2009'At Bury St Edmunds
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AS Royalists across the UK prepare to celebrate the union of Kate Middleton and Prince William, one relationship coach is helping women in Bury St Edmunds to bag their own prince.

Russian-born Raisa Critchley is an image management and personal development coach. Her Bury St Edmunds-based company, Confidence 2 Love, runs workshops and offers advice to women to help them develop confidence and knowledge to improve their personal lives.

With only one week to go until April 29 there is a nation-wide buzz of excitement surrounding the Royal Wedding, which will see Kate Middleton marry her prince in a fairytale wedding.

But Raisa aims to help women throughout the UK to find their own fairytale endings with a Finding Your Prince course.

Raisa said: “I help them to be ready, to understand men better and know what to expect.

“It is important to be confident and to love yourself, value yourself and respect yourself.”

The Confidence 2 Love workshops focus on boosting self-esteem and confidence, as well as looking at women’s behaviour, appearance, dating etiquette and communication skills.

She also helps women to understand the different stages of relationships, and encourages women to understand that they are different from men.

“Nobody tells us how we should behave, how we should build relationships and this is so important because we really don’t know what will happen, we just hope that we will meet a man and be happy with him,” said Raisa.

She believes that Kate got her man because she was a confident, respectable and happy woman.

“She definitely loves herself, values herself and respects herself, otherwise she wouldn’t be so attractive to him (Prince William) and he wouldn’t want to spend his life with her,” said Raisa.

Prince William fell for Kate because she has beauty on the inside and the outside, both of which Raisa says are important.

“The soul is more important than looks, but for men attraction starts with physical attraction,” she said.

For more information go to Raisa’s website: www.confidence2love.com