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Bury St Edmunds expert Kim Morrison says selling on social media needs finesse

Selling on social media takes a certain finesse. No-one who is on social media is there to buy. They are there to read stupid things, socialise with friends, communicate with family, and look at pictures of babies and animals. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t sell there. You just have to go about it softly.

It’s a Conversation

Remember that social media is all about conversing with others. You don’t want to preach to people or lecture them on social media. Remember, a conversation is two way communication with the salesperson letting the buyer lead the way.

Kim Morrison(14024200)
Kim Morrison(14024200)

Get Emotional & Build Relationships

Soft selling appeals to emotions more than hard selling does. It’s all about building relationships, sharing your own emotions, and writing something (or making a video or audio) that gets the audience thinking and being more emotional.

Be More Personal

On social media, being an anonymous person isn’t going to work anymore. You must be who you are, even if you have an overall brand that you want to promote. You and other members of your team need to be free to be more personal if the behaviour is “on brand.”

Offer Value & Focus on Benefits

When you offer value to your audience, that doesn’t mean you’re begging them to buy from you. Instead, it means that you put that aside and focus on giving them the information that appeals to them where they are. If, for example, your audience is busy mums and your business is helping people get organised, you might share pictures of well-organised homes or post ideas of what to do in the Summer holidays. Sharing benefits that help your audience is key to building your following.

Listen & Engage

Social media is also a place where you must listen so that you can engage appropriately. People on social media will not respond to your one drive-by post in a group or on a page, no matter how well written or long it is. Instead, they want to get to know you and you to get to know them. On social media, this is important for all types of products and services.

Encourage User-Generated Content

When you build groups or pages on social media, getting more content added via comments to your posts will build trust so that when you do post a link to something you want to sell, they’ll pay attention without you having to shove it down their throat. Having your customers share their testimonials and case studies about the service or product you offer is a winning way to use the soft selling approach.

Respond to Questions

Once you start posting engaging information on your social platforms, expect to get messages with questions. Once you start getting questions, that’s when you can share the link to your sales page which, of course, is more direct.

Post Research Information

Another soft sell approach is to share research with the audience that leads them to realise they need the thing you’re selling. For example, the insurance industry is famous for this approach by posting stats about dangers.

When you use soft selling techniques, no matter whether it’s on social media or elsewhere, it’s important to recognise that you need to understand your audience and what they care about to properly engage them. Over time, many salespeople claim that soft selling generates just as much revenue as hard selling.



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