Society marks anniversary with rare tree

Tree planting to mark 40th anniversary of Bury Society
Tree planting to mark 40th anniversary of Bury Society
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A RARE tree has been planted to mark the 40th anniversary of the Bury Society.

The ginkgo biloba, or maidenhair tree, with its unique triangular leaves, will bring shade to the parking triangle in front of the Old Cannon Brewery in Cannon Street.

Society chairman Alan Jary said the site had been chosen because it was close to St John’s Street whose proposed redevelopment was the reason the society was formed.

Mr Jary said: “It was going to be ‘Harlow St Edmunds’ and that was what made us get involved.”

The society, which is the parent body of Bury in Bloom, has planted trees elsewhere, including a third of those in the arc carpark and one in The Cloisters.

The ginkgo was chosen on expert advice that it best suited the location. The tree, from the far east, is classed as endangered and is a unique species with no surviving closely related relatives. It is used in traditional medicine.

Mr Jary said the Old Cannon Brewery had been very supportive of the project.