SLIDESHOW: Heavy flooding hits homes and roads across the county

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Police are warning motorists to take care on the county’s roads after heavy rain overnight.

There are reports of heavy flooding and standing water in many parts of Suffolk with the West of the county the most affected area.

Firefighters pumping water on Gardiner Close.

Firefighters pumping water on Gardiner Close.

Police have reported flooding on the A143 Bury Road in Stanton joining the B11 Barningham Road, on the A1088 in Ixworth and on the A1120 (Hackney Road) in Peasenhall.

Flooding has also affected the A143 Wratting Road in Haverhill near the A604 The Pightle junction, Bull Lane and Bridge Street in Long Melford and Barking Road in Needham Market.

In addition there is also standing water on many roads, particularly the A12 at Wrentham and Yoxford.

Motorists are advised to reduce their speed, use dipped headlights, increase the distance from the vehicle in front and beware of slippery road surfaces, especially if the rain follows a long dry spell.

Flooding at water meadows of Cullum Road

Flooding at water meadows of Cullum Road

Police also advise drivers ensure their windscreen wipers are in good working order and not to risk driving through flooded areas as it is unknown how deep the water could be.

Further information about road safety can be found on the Suffolk Police website:

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service is reporting a ‘very high volume of calls’ due to flooding in the St Edmundsbury area of Suffolk.

A spokesman said: “Members of the public are advised not to drive through flood water as there could be unseen dangers below the water.”

St Edmundsbury Borough Council has said it does not provide sandbags to individual houses and people should contact local builders merchants.

It has recommended that people who believe they are in danger of flooding take precautions such as moving valuables to an upper floor.

Rattlesden Primary School has been closed.

Accidents have also been reported.

A woman’s Ford Ka left the A14 towards Risby at around 7.25am. She stood on her car until help arrived after it landed in a ditch and began filling up with water, according to a police spokeswoman. The car has been left in situ and will be recovered later.

At 9.35am a female driver became stranded in Brent Eleigh Road, Lavenham. Fire crews attended and the woman had been rescued by 9.50am.

A car and van have since become stranded in flood water on the same stretch of road. Fire crews were called at 9.50am and are in attendance.

Four soldiers from a 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment anti-tank platoon stopped to help in flooding at Tostock while returning to barracks at Colchester from the Stanta Training Ground at Thetford.

They saw residents trying to move cars in flood water and stopped to help them move the vehicles to higher ground.

A spokesman for Colchester Garrison said: “We haven’t been tasked to help. This was a load of lads who saw people in trouble and jumped out to help.”

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*If you are aware of any other areas experiencing problems due to flooding, contact the newsdesk on 01284 757857.