Sister of murdered Fornham St Martin woman says TV programme will end people’s doubt over who killed her

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Eight years ago this week, Dawn Walker disappeared and two families had their lives irrevocably torn apart by her horrifc, brutal murder.

Her ex-boyfriend Kevin Nunn from Woolpit is currently serving a 22-year-jail sentence for murder – his family protest his innocence and are awaiting on an appeal to the Supreme Court to reexamine forensic evidence.

Now a TV documentary, due to air next month examines some of the evidencethat led to Nunn’s conviction.

Sheena Walker, one of Dawn’s sisters, said the programme will put and end to public doubt over Nunn’s guilt.

“It is absolutely fantastic. There won’t be any doubt in anybody’s mind in this area, that the man is guilty,” she said.

“It is really clear and precise. I just hope now that the people of Bury are going to see for themselves exactly what sort of person did this to my sister.”

Dawn who was 39 and from Fornham St Martin was found by the River Lark in Fornham Park.

Sheena said the ‘trauma’ both of her daughter’s murder and the subsequent appeals on Nunn’s behalf had ‘killed’ her mother Jean, in 2011.

“His family cannot seem to accept what he has done.

“This killed my mother. It should say ‘trauma’ on her death certificate.

“My mother died from trauma. For the sake of my children I want to be able to put this behind us.”

Nunn’s sister Brigitte Butcher said although her family had not be involved in the programme she was aware of it and said she understood it was looking into forensic evidence.

“Everybody is suffering from this. There are lots of victims.

“It is interesting if they have looked at forensics as Kevin was not convicted on any forensic evidence what so ever. The irony is that we are trying to get hold of the forensic evidence which is why we are going to the Supreme Court.

“We are looking at forensic evidence, telecommunications evidence. I wouldn’t have been doing this for eight long years if I thought Kevin was guilty. This programme may actually help rather than hinder us.

“It is great that people are now standing back and looking at the evidence he was convicted on. It was circumstance evidence, it was flimsy evidence.

“We just want justice, we want justice for Dawn Walker as well because we believe Kevin is innocent.”

A Town & Country Murder starts this Sunday at 9pm on the Crime and Investigation Network.

The Dawn Walker episode is due to air on March 17.