show to keep pair dancing

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A SPECIAL performance will raise money for two girls to continue dancing in London, after they were forced to move following the sudden death of their mother.

Kimberley Ann’s Theatre School (KATS) will stage A Night To Remember on Thursday to raise money for two of its former members to continue dancing.

The performance, which will be a collaboration between KATS and the Bunbury Players, will be held at the Jubilee Centre, Mildenhall, in memory of the girls’ mother, Claudine Le Geyt, who died of cervical cancer earlier this year, aged 38.

Half of the money raised will be donated to Cancer Research and half will provide a bursary for Claudine’s two daughters, Tiffany, 13, and Scarlett, four, to continue dancing now they have moved to London to live with their father.

Kimberley Bullock, of KATS, said: “I had a lot of conversations with Claudine about how she had tried to get them into dancing when they were in London but it was too expensive.

“Knowing that, we want to help them now they have had to move back to London to continue doing what they loved so much.”

Tiffany and Scarlett danced with KATS for almost two years during which they took part in seven performances, all watched by their mother.

Denise Le Geyt, Claudine’s mother, said her daughter had loved watching Tiffany and Scarlett dance and had even attended a performance in April two days before she was admitted to hospital where she later died.

In a dedication for the performance’s programme, Denise said: “Claudine’s children Tiffany and Scarlett were without a doubt the greatest achievement of her life, she loved them so very much and was very protective of them, she was so proud of how they took to dancing.”

Denise said: “I’m really looking forward to the show it will be happy and sad just because of what it’s about.

“I would just urge woman to be tested for cervical cancer regularly so another family does not have to go through what we have been through.”

Tickets to ‘A Night To Remember’ cost £6 and are available from Milpets, Market Place, Mildenhall, doors will open at 6.30 on Thursday.