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Sherlock Effect return is just elementary . . .

Raymond Kay Lyon, of Cockfield, with his book The Sherlock Effect PICTURE: Mecha Morton
Raymond Kay Lyon, of Cockfield, with his book The Sherlock Effect PICTURE: Mecha Morton

A Cockfield author, who has a passion for Sherlock, has brought his Holmes-inspired book into the 21st century.

Raymond Kay Lyon’s ‘The Sherlock Effect’, which was originally released in 1997, follows Christopher Sherlock Webster and his friend, Mo Rennie, in their new crime agency called Baskerville’s, that specialises in Holmesian methods.

Mr Lyon said: “Interest in Holmes, on TV and in films, got my publishers asking me to update the book with modern terminology.” The five cases in the book have the characters trying to get to the bottom of a science journalist who disappears while investigating UFO sightings in Wiltshire and a pop diva’s boyfriend who is kidnapped twice by animal rights extremists.

Mr Lyon said that research into the modern-style cases were not totally alien to him.

He said: “With the UFO story line I am into Ufology so that was right up my alley, but others did involve a little bit of study, but I think most authors have to do that for their work.”

Reviews of the book have included the late Ruth Rendell and Stephen Fry.

He said: “I met Ruth in the 90’s in London and she was kind enough to review the book, it was very gratifying.”

“Stephen did a review for me too and gave a glowing review. I did promise him a copy once it comes out again.”

My Lyon also said the game is also afoot to stage a publicity stunt in Baker Street, where people will be dressed as Sherlock Holmes and if people can find the author in the crowd they will get a signed book.

Asked what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would think of his book, he said: “I am hoping if he was aware of the Internet and UFOs, as he was into the supernatural during his time, that this book would have piqued his interest.”

Waterstones in Bury St Edmunds is holding a signing event for the book tomorrow, between 11am and 1pm.

The book is also for sale online, go to www.thistlepublishing.co.uk/page656.html

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