Shepherdess left ‘sickened’ after lambs attacked with knife in Hessett - weeks after pet lamb kicked to death

Katie Henry with Bodger the lamb ANL-150625-164859001
Katie Henry with Bodger the lamb ANL-150625-164859001
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A shepherdess has been left ‘sickened’ after several lambs were attacked with a blunt knife - just six weeks after her beloved pet lamb was brutally kicked to death.

Katie Henry, who looks after sheep for Heath Farm, in Hessett, says she found six lambs injured and bloodied on Monday morning - with a blunt knife found nearby.

One lamb had his ear ripped off, another suffered a deep wound between its shoulder blades and there was an attempt to hack off another’s horn.

The attack was just six weeks after her tame lamb Bodger was kicked to death following the theft of some equipment at the farm.

Mrs Henry said: “It’s sickening - there’s no words. I rear my animals for slaughter but I have a duty of care and I take my duty of care very seriously and look after my animals with a passion.”

She said Bodger was one of two tame lambs - the other named Badger. Mrs Henry said: “He was just the sweetest little lamb. He was very special to me.”

She said she wants residents in the village to be vigilant following the attacks.

“I want to make people aware of what’s going on. We’re not living in a sleepy village anymore. I don’t know what to say about the person who did it. I don’t understand who could do that.”

Anyone with information about the incidents should contact Suffolk Police on 101.