Shed takes off from USAF housing estate

News from the Bury Free Press
News from the Bury Free Press
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Thieves stolen an entire garden shed by cutting through the fence of an empty house on a USAF housing estate near RAF Mildenhall.

The intruders cut a hole in the fence at Valiant Street, Beck Row, sneaked through and dismantled a 12ft by 8ft shed - complete with solar panel.

They passed the pieces through the hole and made off with the shed across the fields between Valiant Street and Skelton’s and Rokery Droves.

Ministry of Defence police are investigating and have since found other holes in the perimeter.

One report said they discovered holes behind sheds at five different properties in the three weeks before the theft.

RAF base commander Squadron Leader Rick Fryer said: “Faintly amusing to us with a sense of humour was through one of the holes, an entire garden shed was stolen. It’s not a small shed.

“If anyone tries to sell you a nice new shed with a solar panel attached to the roof, that’s the one that was nicked.

“We are increasing our own police presence.”

USAF staff sergeant Krystie Martinez said: “Our 100th Security Forces Squadron personnel have a great working relationship with our local Ministry of Defence Police.

“Together with the full support and cooperation of the tenants they have increased their patrols in and around this housing area.”