Shall we split it? Eric and Win get 2p cheque

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AN ELDERLY couple were given a surprise cash ‘bonus’ this week – when they received a cheque for just 2p.

Eric and Winifred Pryer of Field Road, Mildenhall received the cheque in the post from NSG UK Enterprises Ltd.

The cash arrived just in time for Eric’s 93rd birthday on January 14.

The former president of Mildenhall’s Royal British Legion said the origin of the money was a mystery.

“The only thing I can think of is that I had some shares in Shell and they hadn’t paid everything out to me properly,” he said.

“Everybody I showed it to has laughed that a company like that should be so simple.

“The stamp would have cost more than the cheque!”

The cheque was sent with a reminder that if they did not cash it within a year then it must be returned to the registrars.