Sculpture tribute to Four Friends

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A Stanton woman, whose two sons died in an industrial accident two years ago, has spoken of her family’s gratitude to a perfect stranger.

Artist blacksmith Bill Cordaroy was so moved by reports of Adam Taylor’s, Peter ‘PJ’ Johnson’s and brothers Dan and Tom Hazleton’s workplace deaths in January 2011, that he began memorialising them in a steel sculpture.

On Sunday, he presented the Hazelton family with his creation, a polished piece of blackened steel featuring the four friends leaning on each other, which stands about 12 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

Mr Cordaroy, from Norfolk, said: “I didn’t know how it would be taken and I didn’t want to intrude on their grief, but they all loved it. It must have hit a note.

“I think it’s an emotional piece because you can read into it what you want.”

Marilyn Hazelton, Dan and Tom’s mother, said: “We all absolutely loved it. It’s amazing. It really is wonderful. It showed incredible kindness from someone who didn’t know the families or any of the lads involved.”

The family plan to incorporate the sculpture in a Four Friends Memorial they hope will soon be built in Stanton.