Schools and businesses in West Norfolk warned over tattoo laws

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Schools, parents and tattooists across the borough have all received a formal reminder about tattoo laws from West Norfolk Council.

Secondary schools in the area were sent a letter regarding the laws about tattooing of minors which state that it is a criminal for under 18s to be tattooed, unless for medical reasons.

There are more than 20 registered tattoo businesses in the borough.

East Coast Ink in Lynn’s St James Street, is one such place with three registered tattooists.

Jade Wood, 33, works at the studio and said: “It can be really hard to tell someone’s age sometimes but we always check for photo ID such as a passport or driving licence to be sure.

“In some parts of America it is legal for places to tattoo under 18s with consent from parents.”

Methwold’s Iceni Academy was one of the secondary schools which was contacted by the council concerning this matter.

In a post on its Facebook page, the school said: “We have received a letter from the health and safety officer at West Norfolk Council with regards to tattooing of minors.

“We have been asked to share this information with our parents, carers and students.”

A borough council spokesman said: “There have been no specific or recent incidents in the borough relating to the tattooing of minors.

“We do get a number of enquiries from family members, especially in the school holidays, about tattoos and what’s allowed.

“Even if a parent gives consent, the tattooist is still committing an offence under the Tattooing Of Minors Act 1969.”

The spokesman added: “If we are contacted by parents of a child who has a tattoo we refer them to the police.”

Any concerns about underage tattooing should be reported to the police who are the enforcing authority.