School with close ties to Nepal holds unique fund-raising walk for quake victims

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A unique fund-raising walk at a school with close connections to Nepal has given pupils an insight into what life is like for survivors of the country’s devastating quake.

Rattlesden Primary School Year 6 teacher Sam Sharma, whose husband Guru is Nepalese, organised the activity so pupils could experience how it would be to carry water, food or building materials.

Each time they completed a circuit carrying something extra, they earned a stamp on their record card.

Mr Sharma, who helped launch the walk, has family members who have lost their homes to the quake and are staying at a school, in Pokhara, which he and his wife built.

Head Bridget Burke said: “Guru’s sister Sabitra and her husband spent five days sleeping out in the open with their baby who got very ill.

“They have lost all their posessions, home, job and transport.

“After waiting two days for a bus out of Kathmandu they have now made the eight hour journey and are safe in Pokhara.

“The baby has been treated at the hospital and is now recovering.

“They are staying with many others at Sam and Guru’s study centre. But they are among the lucky ones.”

So far the walk and a cake sale have brought in £1,277 while a concert at St Nicholas Church in the village raised more than £500.

During a talk at the church, Mrs Sharma said: “The earthquake in Nepal is such a huge tragedy for such a beautiful country.

“This tragedy has really touched people’s hearts in this country and I know I don’t have to convince anyone of the worthiness of this cuase or the importance of your donations.”