school safety appeal

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CHILDREN’S lives are being put at risk by parking congestion at a school.

That is the view of the Duchy of Lancaster Methwold Primary School and the parish council as the bodies try to persuade parents to stop clogging up School Lane with cars.

Lynne Stabler, headteacher, said safety measures needed to be put in place before tragedy struck.

“Heaven forbid that something should occur – it’s the last thing that parents want but it could happen if things stay the way they are,” she said.

The heavy traffic in the road limits visibility for children crossing the road, according to Ms Stabler.

“It only takes for them to get over-enthusiastic when they see a friend over the road and we are looking at an incident,” she said.

She added that the problem had worsened since the school lost its school crossing patrol three years ago.

That is one measure that Methwold Parish Council is considering reintroducing – if it is affordable.

Robin Hood, parish council chairman, said it was currently looking at the cost of introducing safety measures before it made any decisions.

“We are trying to find out costs and then we will speak to Norfolk County Council if it’s possible,” he said.

Cllr Hood said although it would try and help where possible, much of the solution lay in the hands of parents.

“It’s only about 50 per cent who are causing the problems and if they parked sensibly, a bit further away from the school, then it would make a big difference.

“The worst case scenario is that a child gets hurt and unfortunately the Highways Agency works on the premise that unless three or four people get hurt then they don’t do anything,” he said.

He added that the police had been contacted for help but did not have enough resources to contribute.