School’s expansion ‘not a traffic threat’

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DESPITE residents’ concerns over traffic congestion on Moreton Hall, a headteacher has said his school’s future expansion is unlikely to add to the problem.

Richard Rice, headteacher of Sebert Wood Primary School, told an audience at Monday’s Moreton Hall Residents’ Association meeting that his school, which was always full and oversubscribed, would expand by two year groups within the next five years.

He said: “We expect that the school will grow by 120 children by 2016-17, but it won’t make much more traffic at all because many of these children will walk or cycle to school, particularly if we can do something about another crossing and parking in Sebert Road.”

He reassured parents concerned about the move from three tier to two tier education about the possibility of one of Bury’s existing middle schools being converted into a secondary school, or of a new school being built as part of the planned Moreton Hall development.

A site for a future secondary school has been reserved on Taylor Wimpey’s proposed plans for the estate, which Mr Rice termed a ‘green option’ because it would mean less traffic crossing the town.

Last Tuesday, a feasibility study began to assess what would need to happen to enable Sebert Wood to teach children up until 11 years old, in line with other primary schools nationwide.

“We would need an extension by 2015 but we would need money out of central government for it,” said Mr Rice.

The secondary school is one of a number of talking points in the latest draft Vision 2031 document St Edmundsbury Borough Council wants Moreton Hall residents to consult on by April 30.

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