School is a real dragon’s den after pupils raise £526 for new reptilian addition to class - Bruce The Bearded Dragon

Year 5's at Elmswell Primary school with Bruce the bearded dragon.
Year 5's at Elmswell Primary school with Bruce the bearded dragon.
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Never mind how to train your dragon, at Elmswell Primary it’s a case of how to pay for your dragon after pupils raked in £526 in four weeks for the new reptilian addition to their class.

In true Dragon’s Den style, 21 youngsters in Year 5 Eagle Class raised the cash through an array of vibrant activities to pay for equipment for class pet Bruce The Bearded Dragon.

They organised a cake sale, face-painting across the whole school and even donned onesies and pyjamas to run around the school field three times with a bucket of water on their head.

With the money, they bought a vivarium to store Bruce and food.

Class teacher Cait O’Reilly, who started at the school in September and asked head Jane Ash if they could have a class pet, said: “I went around Marlows and got introduced to Bruce and thought he would be something different. I asked the children and they thought it was amazing but we had to raise money to pay for him. They absolutely love him and over Christmas I’m hoping someone will take him home.

“He looks like one of the dragons from Harry Potter which is why we fell in love with him as he looks like a proper dragon.”