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Bury St Edmunds pupil receives acclaim for heartfelt photograph of mum's West Suffolk Hospital uniform

A school boy whose mum is a hospital nurse has won widespread acclaim for his heartfelt photograph of her uniform which was taken after she contracted coronavirus.

Charlie Biggin, 12, who attends King Edward VI School in Bury St Edmunds, submitted the image for a photographic challenge.

Headteacher Lee Walker has organised a series of challenges during lockdown and asked pupils to take a photograph of an everyday object which they have seen in a new light.

Charlie Biggin's photograph of his mum Lisa's West Suffolk Hospital uniform
Charlie Biggin's photograph of his mum Lisa's West Suffolk Hospital uniform

Charlie’s mum Lisa is a West Suffolk Hospital nurse working on the respiratory ward and has helped on the Covid-19 wards. The Year 7 pupil took a picture of her uniform after she contracted the virus.

In a moving statement accompanying the image, he said: “’I see my mum going to work in her uniform three times a week to work on her own ward and the Covid-19 ward. Sadly, she has been really unwell with the coronavirus for the last two weeks and still isn’t well.

“Seeing her uniform hung up and not being used for three nights a week and seeing her not go to work has made me realise how much I take her for granted now that I see her ill so she can’t wear it.

“It also makes me realise how much me and my sister need her and how dangerous her job really can be.

“People don’t think about how hard they all work although we clap once a week people still don’t understand and the uniform being hung up for two weeks made me realise how much more we should appreciate the NHS and everyone who works in it.”

After being shared on social media, Charlie’s words and image have been widely praised and Mr Walker said he was ‘heartened by the story of courage and selflessness’.

He said: "So far, I have been sent around 50 photographs, and have been really impressed with the creativity shown by our students.

"I have seen flowers, trees, fields, clouds, shadows, footballs, bicycles, pets, family members and even an empty playground bolted shut.

"We are so proud of Charlie and his mum, as we are of all those who provide such care and compassion in their work."

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