Saltwater marine firm Salty Revolution in Mildenhall caters for enthusiasts and aims to grow more stock in house

Aquatic business which has hints of Caribbean - Salty Revolution in Milddenhall''Pictured: James Goodchild''''PICTURE: Mecha Morton

Two men with a passion for saltwater fish and coral are aiming to grow their own as the world’s supply of endangered species becomes more scarce.

James Goodchild and Dale Frankland have opened their dream shop in Hamsptead Avenue, Mildenhall with 144 sq ft of coral bays and 42 tanks containing marine fish from more than 100 species.

The duo have more than 50 years of marine keeping experience between them and are aiming to make Salty Revolution a sustainable and progressive system which will make the marine hobby one that is kinder to the environment.

They have invested £300,000 in creating an interior which resembles locations where coral is found. A mix of coconut thatching and raw timber create the ambiance of the Caribbean and South East Asia.

All livestock is stringently quarantined while temperatures and salinity levels of the seas where the stock is sourced are also carefully maintained.

The two, who ran individual aquatic shops in Mildenhall and Norwich, combined their assets to set up Salty Revolution.

They aim that by 2020 50 per cent of their coral will be grown in store and 25 per cent of all fish will be captive bred.

James said that while it was expensive to quarantine fish it avoided losses. “I feel very lucky to be able to keep such a wide variety of fish here. I also really enjoy meeting all the hobbyists who come here,” he added.

Salty Revolution opens Thursdays to Sundays. Call 01638 715990.

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