Royal Mail delivers changes

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RESIDENTS in Stowmarket are being warned there could be disruption to the postal service as changes are implemented in the town.

The Royal Mail has modernised the way it operates in response to an increase in parcels and a decrease in letters.

This means delivery routes will be changed to ensure that they are as efficient as possible, and therefore, the postal workers who serve particular areas could also change.

Steven Ennew, Royal Mail collections and delivery sector manager for Stowmarket, said: “There may be a period of adjustment while my team and I get used to the new ways of working.

“I am confident all of my local team will provide the reliable, friendly service you have come to expect from us over many years.”

Mr Ennew said they would continue to deliver in the mornings but the time households received their mail would depend on where they live on the new route.

He added that delivery arrangements and times might vary when mail volumes varied.