Rotary Club seeks local groups in need of help

Character study of Trina Nunn of Abbey Rotary Club.
Character study of Trina Nunn of Abbey Rotary Club.
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More than £50,000 has been raised by Bury Abbey Rotary Club to benefit local, national and international charities, since their formation in 2006.

On top of this the group’s members have donated their time and skills to benefit charities, having painted buildings and prepared BBQs for hungry young sailors.

This year Trina Nunn has taken over presidency of the club and set a fund-raising target of £10,000.

She said: “Our ethos is to support our local community whether through financial support or giving time to go and do things.

“It’s not all about tin rattling and raising money if people want us to go and give in time we do that.

“If we can have fun but raise some money and do some good along the way then all good.”

Trina, 41, is a partner at chartered accountants Whiting & Partners and joined the club six years ago, on the recommendation of a friend.

She saw Bury Abbey Rotary Club as an opportunity to do something to benefit the community and said that she has found witnessing the results of the club’s work very rewarding.

Rotary is an international organisation and has more than 34,000 clubs world-wide.

Their work supports many international charities and Bury Abbey Rotary Club has donated money to ShelterBox, Aquabox and purchased dictionaries for a Rwandan school. However Trina’s focus is closer to home.

She said: “In my year I want to be concentrating on what we have locally because all of us are either Bury or surrounding area.”

As president she has selected three charities to benefit from Bury Abbey Rotary Club’s support this year.

These are St Nicholas Hospice Care, Papworth Hospital Charity and WASH Sailability.

St Nicholas Hospice Care has long been a beneficiary of the club’s fund-raising, while Trina selected Papworth Hospital Charity as it provided support for her father when he underwent a heart by-pass.

WASH Sailability will be supported by the club while they raise funds to purchase a specially adapted boat which will allow them to teach disabled young people to sail.

These will not be the only causes to benefit during Trina’s year as president and she is on the look out for other clubs and organisations in need of either financial aid or eager volunteers.

She said: “What we are finding is we are not actually getting that many charities coming to us to ask for help.

“If there are smaller local charities that want some help whether it’s financial, whether it’s time, whatever it may be - we have got money available to support charities and projects but it’s a case of them coming forward to us.”

As well as volunteering their time and fund-raising there is a strong social aspect to Bury Abbey Rotary Club and pub quizzes, meals, talks and visits form a regular part of their calendar.

The club holds two meetings a month, one focused on planning their latest fund-raisers and the other a social event.

One of the group’s most successful fund-raisers is the annual Test the Town Quiz held in The Apex which raises £5-6,000 each year.

The club also holds a Curry and Casino night and Fizz on Friday event as well as supporting the town’s Christmas Fayre and the annual firework display held in the Abbey Gardens.

During her year in charge Trina has also pledged to rid the club of long-standing stereotypes and attract new members.

She wishes to dispel images of elderly, professional, men, in suits, engaging in strange ceremonies and using funny handshakes.

“We’re moving away from seeing it as a business networking thing because that’s not what it is at all.

“My biggest ambition is to make sure along the way we have some fun because people do have this image of rotary as male dominant, dull, stuffy, boring, which we are not. There’s 28 members at the moment ranging from early 30s to mid 50s. We are not a stereotypical club.”

To enquire about receiving funding or support from Bury Abbey Rotary Club contact Nick Mager on