REVIEW: Students at West Suffolk College perform powerful play

Bent performed by West Suffolk College students
Bent performed by West Suffolk College students
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As the Western world tip-toes further to the extremes of the political right, history serves as a reminder of the perils we potentially face.

Bent is that reminder - a powerful piece of theatre which packs an emotional punch that lingers well into the night like the echo of a gunshot.

Tom Barber as Max and Harry Ladell as Horst

Tom Barber as Max and Harry Ladell as Horst

The award-winning play by Martin Sherman and performed by students at West Suffolk College shines a spotlight on the persecution of gay men under the Nazi regime.

It follows the journey of hedonistic Max who is living life to the full in 1930s Berlin until a drunken mistake brings Hitler’s SS to his door.

Sent to Dachau concentration camp, he must learn how to survive a nightmare where homosexuals, branded with an upside down pink triangle, are the regarded as the lowest of the low.

There he befriends Horst and together they cling to their humanity and identity as they mentally resist the Nazi’s tools of fear, violence, death and psychological warfare.

Performed to an extremely professional standard, this is theatre at its finest - raw, charged, important and heart-breaking.

It is being performed at Conservatoire East at the college, in Bury St Edmunds, on Wednesday and Friday.

Another college production Lilies on the Land is playing tonight and Thursday.

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