Review: Romeo and Juliet at the Theatre Royal

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As a dank mist cloaks the streets of Bury St Edmunds, theatre-goers are bathing in the sun kissed corridors of Verona.

Here the Theatre Royal expertly lays the scene for an enjoyable take on the well trodden tale of star crossed lovers.

Brimming with energy, humour and pathos, this is an enjoyable and inventive retelling of a piece which has graced many a school syllabus.

How do they make such a familiar tale feel fresh?

Well choreographed action sequences , bright and breezy folk music and some surprisingly comedic moments for a start.

The talented cast attack their roles with relish from the bawdy bounce of Beccy Wright’s nurse and the Jack the lad swagger of Ali Watt’s Mercutio while leads Craig Vye and Hannah Edwards give it their all as the doomed and tragic title characters.

Romeo and Juliet runs until Saturday March 9.