Review: Feisty show made hearts race

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An Evening of Burlesque delivered exactly what it promised, and more –combining song, dance and circus skills with humour, sexiness and good old-fashioned banter.

Feisty hostess Miss Ivy Paige kept the show’s momentum going, punctuating the brief interludes between acts with saucy banter, introductions and, at times, encouraging audience participation.

The singing was faultless, the costumes were glamorous and the fire-eating and hula-hooping acts were particularly impressive.

This, in addition to the flirtatious disrobing of the Burlesque beauties, and it is easy to see why the show has become so popular.

The front row left little room for bashful attendees, with poor ‘Karl’ preyed upon throughout the night, several women asked to throw knives to a juggler balanced on a table-high rolla bolla – some managing it more successfully than others – and one woman used as a somersaulting prop.

As with most things, the more you get involved the more fun you have and there is no denying that a group of corset-wearing friends celebrating a 35th birthday had a great time.

Billed as ‘a riotous romp into the bizarre world of burlesque and cutting-edge variety’, this show offered more than just a playful celebration of sexuality, although the talented tassle-twirling and tantalising stripteases were enough to get anyone’s heart racing.

An Evening of Burlesque - The Apex, Sept 21