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REVIEW: Teletubbies Live, Limelight Productions, Cambridge Corn Exchange, May 12

Teletubbies Live at Cambridge Corn Exchange (2003382)
Teletubbies Live at Cambridge Corn Exchange (2003382)

Tinkywinky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po... these are the four names I have heard on repeat from my toddler since our trip to see Teletubbies Live.

The tour arrived in Cambridge on Saturday and the Corn Exchange was buzzing with youngsters excited to see the four giant cuddly characters live on stage instead of on the television screen.

We were introduced to the show by Sam, a human keen to visit Teletubbyland to say hello (eh-oh) to the four leads. And so the famous theme tune started and the foursome jumped on stage, to many cries of ‘hello’ from the tots in the audience.

We were treated to a tour of Teletubbyland courtesy of Sam and each of the Tubbies, meeting dancing flowers, a giant teddy bear and the Noo Noo (a vacuuming robotic character for those not in the know) along the way.

Particular highlights included the catchy ‘hello song’ which got my toddler dancing and jumping along, and the toast scene, where Tubbytoast went flying across the the stage at an alarming velocity.

A pantomime-type search ensued when the Teletubbies and Sam lost the Noo Noo, which prompted my 21-month-old to cry ‘Oh no!’ repeatedly until they realised the Noo Noo had been behind them all along.

It was a fantastic morning show, interrupted only by an interval which wasn’t really needed – the youngsters could have sat through an hour’s entertainment without a break in my opinion.

But this quality live production of the classic CBeebies favourite included all the features known and loved by Teletubbies fans, accompanied by high production values and an explosion of energy from the performers on stage. It captured my child’s imagination and set her off singing the theme tune for the rest of the day...and the next.

Camille Berriman

Teletubbies Live at Cambridge Corn Exchange, my daughter plays with a promotional toy during the interval (2003386)
Teletubbies Live at Cambridge Corn Exchange, my daughter plays with a promotional toy during the interval (2003386)

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