REVIEW: Agatha Christie play cranks up the suspense and tension

And then there were none ANL-150907-121110001
And then there were none ANL-150907-121110001
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This thoroughly entertaining stage adaptation of Agatha Christie’s best-selling novel And Then There Were None ratchets up the suspense and tension.

A group of 10 strangers are lured to a remote island off the coast of Devon – but upon arrival it is discovered that their host, an eccentric millionaire is missing.

Stranded on the island and haunted by an ancient nursery rhyme, one by one the guests are murdered by an unknown assailant.

Suspicions and accusations sweep through the group – all of whom are bound together by the misdeeds of their past which the killer seems all too aware of.

And Then There Were None is a captivating whodunnit and keeps you guessing right until the final cracking reveal.

Playing to a packed Theatre Royal yesterday, the two intervals act as well timed cliffhangers to bring the intrigue and mystery to a rousing crescendo and to give the audience time to bet on the identity of the culprit.

The cast are superb – ably capturing the initial bravado of the well-to-do elite, followed by shifty-eyed paranoia as tensions begin to fray.

It runs until Saturday, August 8.

Review by Paul Derrick