REVIEW: Adaptation gives Gatsby tale a musical makeover

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One of the best features of Stephen Sharkey’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby, playing at the Theatre Royal in Bury last week, was the versatility of the cast.

The company began the performance as musicians, playing a jazz number after a beautiful opening song. The role was picked up and instruments swapped hands for more songs and incidental music.

The instruments were cast aside to reveal seven thespians, floating across the stage with the monied languor which characterises Fitzgerald’s novel.

Jay Gatsby (Max Roll) had the perfect level of nervous energy, while Nick Carraway (Adam Jowett) narrated the proceedings with endearing naivety.

The glamorous dresses and affected nonchalence of Daisy Buchanan (Celia Cruwys-Finnigan) and Jordan Baker (Celeste De Veasey) added to the play’s glossy 1920s sheen. BW