Restoration work by Suffolk Wildlife Trust makes Little Ouse speak again

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A STRETCH of the Little Ouse which runs through Knettishal Heath has been rescued from being ‘dead’ water to become a haven for wildlife.

The ‘voice’ of the river which marks the boundary between Norfolk and Suffolk is once again heard after Suffolk Wildlife Trust, which owns the heathland nature reserve, carried out de-silting and re-shaped the river banks.

The work has involved generating more gentle slopes and flat shoulders, creating narrow channels over stony riverbeds and introducing curves and deep pools as well as remnoving invasive weed.

Penny Hemphill, SWT Water for Wildlife officer, said: “Almost immediately after restoring riffles we began to hear the river ‘speak’ as it gurgled and bubbled over areas of narrowed stony river bed.

“Two days into the project kingfishers were regularly flying along the newly opened up water and flocks of swallows were swooping down low over the flowing river.”