Residents voice their concerns

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DEVELOPMENT, traffic and roads, parking, public transport, a new football facility, landscaping south of Airfield Road and unauthorised advertising are all issues that concern residents on Moreton Hall.

That’s the experience of Moreton Hall Residents’ Association, which was formed in September last year to give people living on the estate a voice.

During the first six months, its committee members were involved in discussions with councillors and council officers about a range of issues, most of which were linked to problems with increased traffic congestion.

They were also involved in workshops for Vision 2031, which discussed development plans for Compeigne Way, the south east area of Bury St Edmunds and Moreton Hall.

Last month, a public meeting was held to review the association’s activities and to discuss any new concerns that residents had.

At the meeting, chairman Mike Bacon said tthe standard of the Vision 2031 presentations had ranged from excellent to quite poor, but that the resulting plans involved building 3,000 extra homes next to Moreton Hall.

He said this concerned him because the current road system and public transport arrangement were incapable of supporting the increased demand, a view supported by others at the meeting.

One resident expressed concern that traffic levels were getting worse, with no sign of any firm proposals to improve matters.

The committee believes that an overall traffic plan should be in place before any more planning considerations are made and that the plan should be made with the involvement of all the community bodies in Bury.

It is currently awaiting reports from three developers before considering its next move.