Residents ‘livid’ after vandals damage more than 20 cars

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RESIDENTS in streets around Bury St Edmunds’ town centre are ‘livid’ after a night of criminal damage involving around 20 cars.

The vehicles, which were parked in Mark Jennings Lane, Northgate Street, Out Northgate and Fornham Road, were scratched with a sharp object overnight between Friday and Saturday, causing thousands of pounds of damage.

Police believe the same person or people caused damage to all of the cars and extensive CCTV inquiries are ongoing.

Adam Fenwick, a Fornham Road resident who had two of his car doors scratched, said: “I was livid because it’s completely mindless damage. I’m sure whoever did it have parents that own a car or own property themselves and I’d like them to think about how they’d feel waking up on a Saturday morning £500 out of pocket.”

Florina Klemp, of Mark Jennings Lane, said: “I’m so annoyed. On top of everything we have to pay for something we haven’t done and who’ll pay us, nobody.”

Sam Jordon’s car was parked outside his Northgate Street home when it was ‘keyed’ diagonally across the boot. He spotted the damage when leaving for work on Saturday and said he counted 25 cars that had also been targeted.

He said: “There must be tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage. It’s just pointless, it’s not like it was personal because of the number of cars involved - they got anything and everything.”

One victim in Out Northgate, whose car was left with a 3ft long scratch said: “It’s just unnecessary, alcohol-fuelled, gross stupidity and one day they’ll have something nice that will get damaged and they’ll suffer a little bit of what everyone else is suffering now.”

David Nettleton, borough councillor for the Risbygate Street ward where nine cars were targeted, said: “I have no doubt that it was alcohol fuelled.

“It’s general lawlessness – alcohol’s not an excuse for criminal behaviour.”

Sgt Richard Prouse, of Bury’s Central Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “Officers will be tasked this weekend to patrol the main routes out of town during the night time economy hours and be vigilant to this type of offence.

“A spate of damage like this is rare and very infrequent in Bury but, when this reckless damage is caused, we will invest a lot of time and effort into catching the offender.”

Anyone with information should call police on 01284 774100 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

“I also urge the perpetrator to have the decency to present themselves at Bury police station and own up to what they have done,” said Sgt Prouse.