Residents feared burst Bury water main might flood homes

Burst water main in  Rembrandt Way , Bury, on Sunday ANL-140826-172811001
Burst water main in Rembrandt Way , Bury, on Sunday ANL-140826-172811001
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Worried residents had to watch as a burst water main flooded the road outside their homes.

Water gushed up from a burst six-inch pvc water main in Rembrandt Way, Bury St Edmunds, on Sunday morning, quickly flooding a low lying area of the road.

Martyn Taylor, from nearby Holywell Close, saw the flood at about 8am as he went to get his papers.

He said: “Neighbours were concerned because it was collecting there and starting to go into the gardens.

“A woman told me she had been trying to phone Anglian Water and got no reply. Other people said the same.

“When I got home I phoned the police because it was a road hazard.”

A spokeswoman for Anglian Water said the leak was reported to them at about 7.15am.

She added: “I’m not aware of any contact problems. Our call centre is open 24 hours and there were no problems that day.

She said 14 properties had their water turned off at some time during the day and the repair was completed on Sunday.

She added: “There was a lot of water at the bottom of the hill and we tried our best to get rid of it. We lifted manhole covers to try to get it back to normal.

“We apologise for the burst occurring and the inconvenience to local people.”

Anglian Water says its leakage rates are ‘consistently almost half the industry average’.

Leaks can be reported to the company online at or by phone free on 0800 771 881.