Region votes definite no in AV referendum

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OUR region voted in line with the rest of the UK in last Thursday’s referendum, rejecting a move to the alternative vote system.

Beating the national average of 42.2 per cent, 48 per cent of Mid Suffolk voters turned out, 10,177 voted in favour of the new voting system while 25,828 voted against it.

In Babergh, 46.8 per cent of voters had their say, with 9,423 voting yes and 22,819 voting no.

In St Edmundsbury 9,789 voted yes and 24,607 voted no, while Breckland voters were most opposed to the move, with 29,920 no votes cast and only 9.793 yes votes.

At 37.9 per cent, Forest Heath saw the smallest turnout of voters, with 10,757 voting no and 3,327 voting yes.