Region’s water complaints rising despite national low

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ANGLIAN Water is the third worst water company for customer complaints in England, according to an industry watchdog.

The Consumer Council for Water (CCW) released a report on Tuesday concerning the number of complaints made to water companies over the past year, showing an increase within the regional company despite a national decrease.

Complaints made to Anglian Water have risen by 7.6 per cent over the last year, coming behind Yorkshire with 23.3 per cent and Severn Trent with 15.7 per cent, with more than 19,000 written complaints made between 2010 and 2011.

South West Water saw a decrease of 30.5 per cent and Wessex 39.9 per cent.

Dame Yve Buckland, chairman of the CCW, said: “It’s good news for many customers that complaint levels are down and that overall results look promising. We will continue to exert pressure on those companies who are under- performing until they match the best.”

However, Ciaran Nelson, spokesman for Anglian Water, said that many of the complaints received were in fact queries.

“There are two main reasons why our complaint levels have gone up,” he said.

“One is the cold, as we’ve had a bad winter this past year, which has led to more leaks, and the other is our drive to install more water meters.

“Customers are not forced to use them and many call up wanting to know why it’s being installed and how it works. This is communication we are happy to have.”

The company released a statement saying “Anglian Water takes its responsibilities to its customers very seriously. We will be looking closely at the reasons for this increase to see if there is anything we might do differently in the future.”