Record breaker sheep dog has five puppies

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Marchup Midge, who last October broke records and became the most expensive sheepdog ever sold, has given birth to five puppies.

The three bitches and two dogs are now nine weeks old.

Owner West Suffolk shepherd, Eddie Thornalley, said: “I’m keeping one myself and the other four will go to friends of mine who are shepherds.”

Mr Thornalley decided against selling the dogs at auction as he wants to see how they progress.

He said: “The people who have them are very experienced shepherds who will get the full potential out of them.”

Mr Thornalley said Marchup Midge, who he described as ‘one in a million’ after purchasing her for £8,400 at auction, is ‘really good’.

The two year old border collie has already headed back out to work in the fields after giving birth.

Despite Marchup Midge’s pedigree Mr Thornalley stressed the importance of selecting the right father for the puppies.

In this case he selected one of his own dogs, who he described as ‘a very, very good working dog’.

The five puppies were microchipped and checked over by Andrew Hill, partner of Eastgate Veterinary Group.

He said: “They are lovely puppies they are all going to go to working homes to be trained like their mum, that’s really important from the owner’s point of view.

“They are all in very good health and importantly they have all been mircochipped - it is something we recommend as a security but also for tracking lost dogs.”

Mr Hill said Marchup Midge and Mr Thornalley were probably the most famous clients of the group.

The puppies will return to the veterinary surgery to be vaccinated so they are safe to run in the fields and get their first sniff of a sheep.

Marchup Midge’s record price tag was beaten in May when a sheepdog sold for £9,240.

Mr Thornalley said she had proved she was worth the high price he paid for her.

He said: ”She’s like my best friend.”