Rebranding for growing school

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MILDENHALL College of Technology is undergoing a re-branding in time for its expansion to take Years 7 and 8 in September.

From July 9, signs bearing a new logo will be installed at the school, which will drop ‘of technology’ from its name and be known simply as ‘Mildenhall College’.

In September, students will also have a new uniform, consisting of a black blazer with red trim, a white shirt and a red and black tie.

Headteacher Susan Byles said: “We are showing everybody we are not the school we were three years ago – or 20 years ago – we are a new school which is improving and developing in the right direction.

“What I’m really pleased about is that our school is seen as an improving, up and coming school by the local community and this gives us a chance to show the success story that is Mildenhall College.”

The decision to drop ‘of technology’ from the school’s name will not affect the school’s specialism status.

Mrs Byles explained that the school also specialised in applied learning and science and it was felt that Mildenhall College of Technology was not representative of their varied curriculum.

Students have been involved in the selection of the school’s new logo and the design of the new uniform from the start of the re-branding process.

They selected the new logo, which shows a tree over a crest, each quarter of which is a different colour representing the school’s four houses.

When considering options for the new uniform Mrs Byles said that the students were eager for it be smart.

They considered the cost of materials and colours as well as how the style, colour and material may affect the different demographics of the student body.

The launch of the re-branding will align with the school’s acquisition of their new Sheldrick Way site, where Year 7 and 8 students will be taught from September.

Mrs Byles said that signage was required for the new site – currently occupied by the soon-to-close Riverside Middle School – so it seemed the ideal opportunity to re-brand the school.

She said: “We needed to bring the identities of the two sites together – it needed to be seen as one school in two buildings, so we felt we needed new signage on both sites.”

The re-branding will cost the school no more than £5,000.