READERS’ POETRY: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, October 16

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week, we have poems from Jan Parkin and Colin Clements.


Grudges linger far too long

Dwelling on what’s right and wrong

Seeping into hearts and minds

Living in our heads they find

Linger longer eating in

Grudges stay in minds within

Prisoners of your private choice

Bearing grudges with no voice

Miscommunication errors

Fill the head with mini terrors

Creeping in the dead of night

Stirring from the sleep we fight

Weighing down so heavy hearted

Authenticity departed

Forgotten all your own needs

As grudges grow and tension feeds

Grudges uselessly are spent

On resentments never seen or vent

Pressure cooker boiling dry

Emotions steam like trains gone by

Wasted on past hurt and pains

Do nothing for what can’t be changed

Eaten up yet still malnourished

Grudges like poison weeds they flourish



It happens on a clear moonlit night

The large full moon is shining bright

And if you look up in the sky

You will see the Witches go flying by

Dressed in a long black cloak and a pointed hat

And her black cat sitting at the back.

The mice and rats are dancing with delight

For the Witches cat is not there tonight.

The Witches are making a new brew

In a big cauldron as they always do

Do there spells work? No one knows

Do I believe in their spells?

I think I would rather believe in Wishing Wells!


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