READERS’ POETRY: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, May 2

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week’s poem, by Jo Eccles, was read out at an annual charity golf day in Beck Row which raised £1,000 for Prostate Cancer UK.

It may just be the size of a walnut but you’ve got to look after it right

When your man bits go wrong, it doesn’t feel good and it’s so painful weeing all night

We’re all at some risk but especially so if you’re around the age of retirement

And a family history means take extra care - this is such an important requirement

Though I’m not a doctor, I’ll give you some tips that I reckon are worth a go

Some things that may keep this cancer at bay and are really quite useful to know:

There’s a reason us blokes in the West suffer more with the gland that is known as the prostate

‘Cos in the Far East they eat better food and keep more control of their weight

Take a leaf from their book and try eating more veg: more garlic, more greens, more tomatoes

Swap red meat for fish, put less cheese on your dish, eat less fat and more sweet potatoes

Try drinking green tea but if that tastes too bland they say that red wine is okay

But don’t overdo it, too much isn’t wise, just a couple of glasses a day

Be active, be sporty, take the stairs, not the lift, leave the car, walk instead, be athletic

Look after yourself, live life to the full, take up swimming or golf, get kinetic!

And finally sex – that’s right I said sex…have more of it ‘cos it’s beneficial

If that’s not an option just do it yourself…it works and that is official

If you’ve gone a bit rusty just start getting lusty, nip this cancer in the bud

Get it on, get it out, get it up and all over, start acting a bit of a stud

Most importantly though, if you think something’s wrong, please go and see the quack

Get it checked out ‘cos if left too long, this one is a tough nut to crack.