READERS’ POETRY: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, May 16

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week’s poem, called Longing, is by Wilf Daniells.

When all the World’s asleep lad

When all the noise has gone

Then we can sit and think lad

There’s no one here to moan

You can stretch your limbs lad

And I can rest my brain

You can sleep in peace lad

And I am free from strain

If I could live my life lad

Once more right from the start

I’d take my little dog lad

And from people we’d depart

We would be free from care lad

We’d walk and run and sleep

And stay as far away lad

From them as we could keep

They only make us tired lad

And burden us with worry

Why should our life be wasted lad

And what is all this hurry

The World is going wrong lad

Our labours have brought death

To many trusting souls lad

The World will be their wreath

For in many many years lad

When the Earth has turned to dust

True reasoning will show lad

It’s all been such a waste

I hope with all my heart lad

There will be another chance

Perhaps another World lad

Will through the Heavens dance

Without perhaps the hate lad

The bloodshed and the strife

For what’s it all about lad

If we don’t respect life

I wish we could be there lad

You my dog and I

When the new and better World lad

Is floating through the sky.

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