READERS’ POETRY: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, March 7

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week’s poems are by Jean Batram, Gillian Fisher and Georgina Orford.


To manage your budget is really quite a skill

Just whn you’ve done your best, there comes another bill

Juggling is another art, another part to play

Then when you think you hold the ace,

Tins are rattling in your face,

Postman coming to the door,

Shove raffle tickets to the floor

There’s no good getting flustered,

It will always be like that,

Perhaps my raffle ticket will come out of the hat.



struggles through the woodland leaves

toward the forest floor,

while very little bird achieves

an anthem we’d like an encore.

Such scenery inspires awe –

I’ll bring my camera next time,

or draw, or, better, write a rhyme.



Baby of mine as I hold you close and kiss you while you sleep, little one I give you life and now it’s yours to keep.

Beautiful skin like a velvet glove, eyes full of happiness, laughter and love.

A heart that I hope will never be broken, a mouth from which joyful words will be spoken.

Strong shoulders to carry burdens too, doubtless there will be a few, but for now I will spend each day watching you grow in a wonderful way.

Almost dreading the passing years as your departure grows ever near, may your dreams and wishes come true.

Treasure this life that I give to you.