READERS’ POETRY: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, March 20

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week we have poems from Hazel Drake and Jon Mecham.


Here I am, I’ve reached 70,

I’m sure it can’t be true,

I’m not ready to be an old lady,

I’ve still got more living to do.

Now 70’s a very big number,

But I certainly don’t feel that old,

Though my eyesight is gradually fading,

And my hair is more silver than gold!

They say that my hearing is dreadful,

But it’s all their fault, don’t you see,

’Cos instead of talking plain language,

They all seem to whisper to me!

I’ll admit that my teeth are now dentures,

But seem quite at home in my mouth,

And I have to admit that my boobies,

Are gradually heading down south.

I’ve definitely had no face lifts,

As you can see by the wrinkles,

But I like to think they’re well hidden,

Among all my laughter and twinkles.

So I’ll carry on dancing and singing,

And enjoying each precious day,

For age is just a mere number,

And I won’t let it get in my way!



Morning serves its smorgasbord

Of aconites, snowdrops

Dew glistens


A sandpaper tablecloth

No more sliding


A saxophone dawn

We survived