READERS’ POETRY: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, March 14

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week’s poems are by Jules and Wilf Daniells.


Thought I saw you today love

In the garden near the fence

Quickly smoking a ciggie and looking tanned like you used to before you got ill.

When life made sense and days were just an endless haze of happy little things we used to do together.

Such simple pleasure.

You used to love the garden

Sitting near the pear tree drinking coffee and doing the crossword,

Watching the birds and bumble bees playing in the jasmine.

You used to tell me to stop and sit with you and for a while I’d do just that.

We shared such happy moments.

But those were the days before you died

Oh Lord, I wish I’d known and stayed there longer by your side.

Miss you.



Toffee is a lovely mix

Of treacle boiled with sugar

It’s ready when it really sticks

And sets when dropped in water

Pour it in a greasy tray

With sultanas and nuts in

And let it cool for half a day

It’s ready then for eating

First you have to take it out

And break it into pieces

Don’t give it to folks round about

But save it for your nieces

They just love its sticky taste

For toffee they adore

They’ll eat it all with frantic haste

So go and make some more.