READERS’ POETRY: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, June 17

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week’s poem, call Menopausal Blues, is by Elizabeth Kemp.

Weekends away are nice enough

But do I really need half this stuff

H.R.T. Is the first thing I pack

That’ll keep this weekend on track

I’d love to pack a thong or two

Though the trouble I have now when I go to the loo

Mustn’t forget the creams and indigestion juice

Oh and the pills I need to keep me loose

Sounds so good a romantic weekend

If only a new body I could lend

The trousers with the elastic waist

I dare not forget them, the height of good taste

This middle age thing is all very well

Such a shame there’s not a cream or a gel

I’ve hit middle age, I mustn’t just wallow

Though like my pills it’s hard to swallow

Where did those days of yesterday go

How come middle age is starting to show

These pills and creams I suddenly need

Those lines and wrinkles that appear with great speed,

Best make the most of this weekend away

Forget my age go and just play

I’ll leave the pills and potions I’ve packed

Just take myself and any laughter I’ve lacked

He will have to take me as I am

Sure he will he’s just my man

Just me and my clothes are going away

And those menopause blues can at home stay.