READERS’ POETRY; From the Bury Free Press of Friday, January 31.

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week’s poems, both of which have a night-time theme, are by Gillian Fisher and Georgina Orford.


The evening air is calming, cool,
and slows some of our actions down.
Why run, and burn a kilojoule
of pep, when so little’s doing in town?

The waxing crescent, by chance finds
a mirror in the River Lark.
The next minute, clouds declare it blind,
and hide it from us in the park.

It has far to go through night hours
before it sets, so pale at dawn,
to bid farewell, when daylight scours
it from view. By dusk it’s reborn.



She walks through the castle in the still of the night
Many speak of the lady dressed in white
Her hair is long and slightly wild her face has a smile of an innocent child
Her life was taken one stormy night while gathering wood to make warmth and light
Nobody knows what happened it seems, all that was heard were pitiful screams
Her body vanished without a trace
The only thing found was a piece of white lace
What happened to her on that fatal night remains a secret forever locked tight?
But whenever the moon shines on the castle wall if you listen carefully you can hear her call


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