READERS’ POETRY: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, January 22

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week’s poem, called A Crisis?, is by John Radford.

Is there a crisis in your life?

Do you need someone to help you?

Your wife has been raped; your brother has been mugged,

the house has been burgled and the kids are all on drugs.

Your father lies drunk, mother has gone insane,

the dog has got distemper and you cannot stand the strain.

Your sister has gone to prison, your cousin has broke his back,

your aunt is getting divorced and you have just got the sack.

The budgie’s wing has broken; your uncle has died,

the cat has caught the flu and you feel like suicide.

There is a crisis in your life!

I know someone who will help you.

Your nephew is in a coma, mother in law is on the game,

the goldfish has drowned and your car has burst in flames.

Grandmother is pregnant, grandfather has gone blind,

the television is on the blink but you can’t say “never mind”.

Your mistress has a tumour, all your friends have moved away,

the bank has been robbed and the milkman hasn’t called today.

Father in laws is shoplifting; your niece has broken her jaw,

the daffodils are dying and you can’t take any more.

You have a crisis in your life!

I know someone who always loves you.

Crisis, crisis, crisis in your life.

A crisis? ....Give God your Crisis!