READERS’ POETRY: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, February 14.

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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The week’s poems are by Peter Taylor and Wilf Daniells.


When I was little I had a maiden aunt,

On my sixth birthday she gave me a cabbage plant.

It grew up to be a whopper and had a smashing taste,

I ate it over two days and didn’t have no waste.

All my life I’ve eaten cabbage, when I eat them I’m in heaven,

Cabbage has kept me fit and healthy and I’ve now lived to sixty seven.

It’s really wonderful to eat cabbage all the time,

You can make soup out of cabbage and even cabbage wine.

Cabbage is beautiful-tasting and better than food from any tin,
It’s really good for you and prifies the blood

Makes you fit and healthy and gives you lovely skin.

So come on all you gentlemen and ladies and throw away your chips,

Eat cabbage like me and you will have a flat stomach and also perfect hips



When she goes to a party

She always takes a selfie

She takes it on her smarty

And sends it on her lappie

To her most favourite chappie

She used to take a photo

But this was very slow so

She takes one on her smarty

And this makes her very happy

When she goes to a party.