READERS’ POETRY: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, February 13

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry
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This week we have poems by Jon Mecham and Jackie Humfrey.


Gentle waves shuffle up to me

Before receding

Wet sand oozes between my toes

I reach out

And with a pinch of my fingers

I lift the horizon

To arms’ length

Like a distant mountain

A voice calls out

“You’ll never get away with it”

But as I stand, holding my Himalaya

Water rushing down both sides

I realise

I can dream anything I want

Further along the beach

Someone is flying a kite

Jon Mecham


The Menu of ‘Love’

Take a heart full of dreams,

And a whsiper of life,

A teaspoon of thought,

And the love of your wife.

Ten ounces of politeness,

One pint of laughter,

Six ounces of cuddles,

And the song of a robin.

A handful of tickles

(use sparingly)

A cupful of smiles

Two pints of music,

And plenty of exercise!

Liquidise the above slowly for a few minutes,

Then pour carefully into a long crystal glass,

And sprinkle with sunshine.

Drink straight away to appreciate

The delicate flavour, That will linger in your heart for ever,

Taking your mind and soul on a journey of ‘Love’.


Take two tablets of ‘love’ twice a day,

Increasing to every four hours,

Till your heart is full of ‘Joy’

Jackie Humfrey